Cycling for everyone.

A project delivered across Hertford & Ware, recycling unwanted bicycles for those in need.


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About the project

Making cycling accessible for all.

HERTS3CYCLE is a new and exciting community-based cycling project being piloted across Hertford and Ware in Hertfordshire. The project allows eligible residents to apply for a new FREE quality checked bicycle, the aim of making cycling accessible for everyone.

Team of qualified bike mechanics on standby.

Working with Highway Cycles in Hertford, you can be rest assured that all donated bikes have been serviced and quality checked.

How it works

Recycle, refurbish, redistribute.



Working with Hertfordshire County Council's waste management team, we collect unwanted bicycles from the local recycling centres. Alterneratively, we can receive a limited number of unwanted bikes from local residents (*subject to meeting certain requirements).



The bikes will be repaired across a number of our partner sites by qualified bike mechanics before returning to Highway Cycles Shop in Hertford to get a service.



Once the bikes have been fully checked over, a member of Hertford Cycle Hub's team will be in contact with the individuals on the waiting list to let them know we have a bike ready for them.

Do you qualify?

To apply for a free bike, each applicant must meet the conditions stated below:

• You must have an authorised adult over the age of 16 years old complete the application form.

• You must agree to cycle the bike regularly (once a week).

• You must agree to complete an initial and follow up survey via email or over the phone.

• You must live within one of the postcodes listed below.

We cannot guarantee that every eligible applicant will receive a free bike (we are reliant on matching a bicycle we’ve been given to applicants criteria e.g. height).

Hertford & Ware

Please check to see if you fall within one of the following postcodes:

SG14 2DJ, SG14 2DL, SG14 2DN, SG14 2DP, SG14 2DQ, SG14 2DR, SG14 2DS, SG14 2DT, SG14 2DU, SG14 2DW, SG14 2DX, SG14 2DY, SG14 2EG, SG14 2EJ, SG14 2EL, SG14 2EN, SG14 2EQ, SG14 2EW, SG14 2EX, SG14 2EY, SG14 2FE, SG14 2FF, SG14 2FG, SG14 2FH, SG14 2FL, SG14 2FN, SG14 2FP, SG14 2FQ, SG14 2FR, SG14 2FU, SG14 2FW, SG14 2HD, SG14 2HE, SG14 2HF, SG14 2HG, SG14 2HH, SG14 2HJ, SG14 2HL, SG14 2HN, SG14 2HP, SG14 2HQ, SG14 2HR, SG14 2HS, SG14 2HT, SG14 2HU, SG14 2HX, SG14 2HY, SG14 2HZ, SG14 2JA, SG14 2JD, SG14 2JE, SG14 2JF, SG14 2JG, SG14 2JH, SG14 2JL, SG14 2JN, SG14 2JP, SG14 2JQ, SG14 2JT, SG14 2JU, SG14 2JW, SG14 2LW, SG14 2PT, SG14 2PX, SG14 2WE, SG14 2WF, SG14 2WH, SG14 2WS, SG14 2WT, SG14 2WU, SG12 7DL, SG12 7DN, SG12 7DP, SG12 7DT, SG12 7DU, SG12 7DW, SG12 7HZ, SG12 7JA, SG12 7JB, SG12 7JD, SG12 7JE, SG12 7JF, SG12 7JG, SG12 7JH, SG12 7JJ, SG12 7JQ, SG12 7JR, SG12 7LE, SG12 7LF, SG12 7LG, SG12 7LH, SG12 7LJ, SG12 7LL, SG12 7LN, SG12 7LQ, SG12 7LW, SG12 7QB, SG12 7SE, SG12 7SG, SG12 7SQ

Register your interest

Multiple ways to apply.



The easiest way to apply is via our online form which can be found here: Application form
This will automatically be sent to the team once submit.



You can email and request an application form. You will need to complete the form and email back in order to apply.


Paper copy

Technology not for you? You can collect a paper application form from Highway Cycles shop. Once complete, please hand back to reception.

Let’s get the wheels in motion

Please take a moment to complete the form and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.

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